10 great charity fundraising blogs 

by Andy Pearson in May 15th, 2019

With my work at White Fuse, I have been on the fringe of non-profit fundraising (digital comms) for a well over a decade. When we launched a bunch of additional fundraising functionality on the White Fuse platform in 2017, I went on a mission to engage more with the fundraising side of the charity world in the UK. This list has since been updated a little to keep it fresh.

Here is a short list of the best UK fundraising bloggers. Enjoy!

Paul de Gregorio 

Paul is always on the lookout for interesting campaigns and his regular posts are great for ideas and inspiration. 

Queer Ideas

This is a blog by Mark Phillips who runs Bluefrog, a big UK fundraising agency that recently reformed. It’s a refreshingly frank and honest blog. The focus is definitely on big charities rather than small but I can normally draw the lines back to the small charities with whom I typically work. 

Critical Fundraising  

If I am feeling intellectual I go here for some deep thinking and academic rigour.


This blog is dedicated to social advertising and non-profit campaigns. So it’s a great place for inspiration when you don’t have the energy for a long read. 

Fundraising Fundamentals 

As he puts it, this is Tobin Aldrich's 'blog on doing fundraising better'. I find his focus on simple, powerful principles (like the importance of donor retention) is really helpful and easy to apply in a range of contexts. 

Fundraising UK

This list wouldn’t be complete without a mention for Howard Lake who somehow manages to be everywhere and packs this website full of sector news. Great for keeping your finger on the pulse of UK fundraising. 

Charity Choice

Regular posts from a range of authors. Often quite bite-sized so worth following for the odd the gem. 

Stephen George

This blog contains occasional thought pieces that make a good read when they pop up in your feed.

Fundraising Detective

This one is on the list mainly as a thank you for the post I found here listing loads of interesting posts. It doesn’t seem that Craig posts anymore, but that’s where I first came across many of the blogs on this list. Thanks!

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