Build a charity website in 4 easy steps

by Andy Pearson in December 9th, 2020

In this post, we share our advice on how to build a charity website when you don’t have much time, money or experience.

A good website needn’t cost the earth and modern platforms make it easy to improve your content over time as your organisation grows.

By following this simple process you can build a new charity website from scratch in a matter of days.

1. Make a plan for your charity website

Creating a clear content strategy takes careful thought but needn’t take a long time. The quality of your website will be primarily driven by your content so it's worth the time to think through the strategy before you start putting down words.  Even if it’s just one page, this will help you stay on track with your charity website build and not get distracted during the next steps.

To help keep your strategy document focussed and simple we recommend using our content strategy guide and templates to work from. This guide will force you to focus on your audience and objectives and help you plan out your sitemap and user journeys. 

2. Draft your content

The content on your website should help guide people towards taking action. Your strategy will dictate what type of content you should write. All content should lead towards your desired action, so if in doubt it’s best not to include it. You can always add more content in the future. 

Pages that describe your services or projects will be important website landing pages for your audience and telling stories can be a powerful way of demonstrating impact. If you have lots of useful long-form content, consider whether you can make it available as online resources that can be indexed by Google. Use our charity content writing guide to help you get started. 

3. Find good images

It’s always better to use your own images if you can because they are a powerful way to communicate what you do. If you don’t already have good photos that you can use on your charity website, there are lots of places you can find free images

4. Choose a charity website platform

The best option is usually either an open source platform like Wordpress or Drupal or a charity-specific website builder like White Fuse. If you are technically proficient the open source options provide the most flexibility but if you are keen to get started quickly with minimal fuss it is worth exploring White Fuse which provides out-of-the-box donation and email marketing capability.

White Fuse offers a 14 day free trial so you can give it a try with no commitment and see where you get to. For more details on different website building software we have a dedicated post on this topic feel free to explore our list of website building software options. 

View a list of website building software options

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