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We guide you through the process of importing all your existing members and other contacts for a fee of £0.50 per contact.

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  • Why is there a fee to import contacts?

    Making the transition to White Fuse often involves importing contacts and mapping your existing data structure over to our required format. We provide a service to help you with this process that includes:

    • Checking your membership structure looks good
    • Checking your data once you have prepared it
    • Making minor required amends on your behalf
    • Carrying out the import itself
    • Checking that the data has been imported correctly
    • Answering any questions you have during the process
    • Advising you how to communicate with the contacts you have imported
  • Can I just do this myself?

    No. The final upload must be carried out by a member of our support team to ensure everything is imported correctly.

  • What happens once I import contacts?

    Once your contacts are imported you can start to contact them using the built-in email broadcast tool. There are special tools to make it easy for you to invite them to create a user account or set up a new Direct Debit as their main payment method.

    No automated emails are sent to contacts upon import. But, when membership subscription renewal dates arrive, members will receive renewal reminder emails if you have this feature switched on.

    We can guide you through this transition process as part of our import service.

  • Can I import different types of contacts?

    Yes. You can import existing members, newsletter subscribers, staff, trustees, volunteers, supporters, organisations - anything. You can easily import people into groups to demarcate them. You can then create email broadcasts based on these groups.

  • Can I wait and import contacts later?

    We do not advise this. As soon as your website is made public, contacts will be created in the database when people fill in forms on your website. If you then try to import information for these people later it can be much more complicated.

    We always recommend importing your contacts before launching your website to a custom domain.

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