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Access the full suite of tools for one simple monthly fee.

10,000 contacts



Card transactions incur a 1% fee plus Stripe fees. All prices exclude VAT. Exactly what's included in the monthly fee? Read the FAQs


Setup prices

Our expert support team will help you get started quickly and efficiently based on your specific needs.



Set up your database, membership plans and online portal.

£500 mandatory


Contact import

Import all your existing members and other contacts.

£0.50 per contact, capped at £500


Website build

Design a fully-fledged membership website.

£1,500 optional

5 star Reviews

5-Star reviews

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Nicola Robson

So impressed with the speed and quality of the support on offer.

Nicola Providence Row

Jenny Hoolachan

Great at hearing customer feedback and adding new features.

Jenny Housing Studies Association

Hal Rhoades

Straightforward and intuitive setup. Contacts, events and newsletter all in one place.

Hal The Gaia Foundation


Easy to use membership and events software with integrated payment.

Isabelle BACCH

Jonathan Orr

The team have been great and this is a vast improvement on our old system.

Jonathan Chichester Rugby Club


Writing data from the website to the CRM helps to keep records always up-to-date.

Melanie NCC Benevolent Fund

Adam Dalby

Seamless from beginning to end. Excellent user experience.

Adam Everyone in Health


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